Sir Elliott, House of Snugglepants

God dammit, Los Angeles lost some good folk recently.   One of our premiere couple ‘besties’, the duo known as Rob and Anjali, just moved to New Orleans for an amazing job opportunity.  We are super bummed, to say the least.  Not only will our Friday nights now be devoid of obscure board games and under-the-radar restaurant trials (did I mention that Anj is a food writer?), but also, sadly, Bo is losing his best and oldest friend, the darling Elliott.  Yes, I am aware he has no idea he has a best bud yet, but, trust me, he feels the sting.

So, Bodhi and Elliott go way back to their zygote days last fall when Rob and Anjali decided to copy us and have a baby too. That whole sentence is one big ‘dad joke’ (I tend to frequent them), which Rob will appreciate.  As you would expect, it was really great to share the whole crazy pregnancy experience with good friends – right down to delivering at the same hospital with the same OB/doula team.  They were among our first visitors after Bo was born and came bearing Mario’s Deli (fitting as Rob, Tony, and I are part of a little organization called “The Knights of the Sandwich”).  As we passed around the babe and the sandwiches (the roundtable has rules people!), we gave them our birth play-by-play and listened to the update on their final pregnancy days.  Little Elliott was born 10 days later.

So, as you can see, I have a soft spot for the lad and just had to get a few photos before he embarked on his first big move.










Miss you guys! Can’t wait to visit! Until then, get the young squire a Muffuletta sandwich on “Lady Turkey”.


Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 2.56.40 PM

That day…

“Remember the hours after Sept. 11th when we came together as one…It was the worst day we have ever seen, but it brought out the best in all of us.” – John Kerry

I had prepped another post for today – being a new parent and having no earthy idea of the date 95% of the time – but the social media juggernaut swiftly reminded me that it was not just another day.

We all have our 9/11 stories.  I don’t think I can do the emotions of mine justice in words, but these photos I took this past Fourth of July in Morro Bay, California capture some of the good left in the wake of that tragic morning.   There was a pea soup fog choking the sky that night, but the people came together anyway to celebrate.  On July 4th, today, and a handful of others, it is a little easier to look beyond America’s flaws and divisions, the hard lines of red and blue, and simply unite under her spirit.







Photos from the other coast

I picked up my Maine film from the lab last week and the photos have me pining for fresh, salty breezes all over again. It was so special to spend time with family in such a relaxed and beautiful setting. Some highlights include: building rock ‘houses’ with my niece (the budding architect), a bonfire on the beach, an authentic Maine lobster boil (courtesy of our very generous host), exploring Kennebunkport (luckily, not a Bush in sight), and an epic two hour ‘mamas only’ hot tub+bottle-of-wine R&R session. However, my favorite moments were the cool morning porch-sittings, when we slowly gathered, one-by-one as each of us woke, to man the rocking chairs and chat; cups of coffee warming our hands, collectively gazing at the changing horizon and simply being together.

These are some of my favorite shots.  All taken on my Pentax K1000, except the last four, which were shot on a Holga 120 TLR (still trying to get a hang of the focusing distances with that one, tricky minx…and remembering to wind it).







My girl Jen is the best kind of friend – gives killer advice, always up to flea market, ballsy but totally laid back, and hella funny…you may recognize her from this Dannon Oikos ad with the men of Full House. Like I said, FUNNY right?  A while back she needed new headshots and wanted a few pics with her completely adorable son Grover for her blog, Skinny by Monday.  I, of course, was happy to oblige. Being the musical-theater-mama that she is, she really knew how to turn on the pizzazz (yes, I said pizzazz dammit, get over it) and the whole shoot was effortless and a total blast. 





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FPF #5 / Maine me

SO parenthood is very time consuming – who knew?  Apparently, just when you figure out the rhythms of the day to day, the steps to the ‘do-everything-one-handed’ dance, babies love to change the record on you.  I’ve got so many things I want to get up on here and am hoping to have a more consistent flow going soon…a nice, easy waltz of posts.

We’re headed to Maine soon for a coastal family vacation.  It will be our first flight with Bo (six hours, cross your fingers) and I’m very excited for him to meet his aunt, uncle and cousins.  Looking forward to lazy beach days, hunting for sea glass, maybe a grandma-enabled date night, and eating our way through Portland (again).  They’ve got a great craft beer scene in town and a restaurant called Duck Fat(!)…enough said.  Lobster rolls!  OK, I’m done.  Also, thinking I’m going to leave the digital behind and take my old Pentax and the Holga instead.  I’m feeling film for this trip (and it’s been a while).

Speaking of film….an East Coast-inspired Found Photo Friday!

ladies beachWhy did the swimming cap ever fall out of style?  The back says “Garfield School friends at [something], NJ 1934″


sailSeriously, this kid has to be a Kennedy.


hippie beachNow that I’m looking at this one again…the dry grass, the hippie garb, it all seems very ‘California’. But, if so, they’re looking to the East, so let’s just focus on that.


Have a fantastic weekend!


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